Scalping robot for EURUSD. Based on two EMAs crossing with MACD filter.

Best backtested results are on 5 min chart with this setup:
trade_day:50 --> max trades to take in one day

fastEMAPeriods:6 --> fast EMA of MACD indicator (usually 12)
slowEMAPeriods:13 --> slow EMA of MACD indicator (usually 13)
signalEMAPeriods:5 --> signal line of MACD indicator (usualy 9)

risk:10 --> how much to risk
stop:50 --> stop loss in pips

EMAslow:17 --> slow EMA to cross - first version was with EMA(34)
EMAquick:7 --> fast EMA, which is signaling - first version was with EMA(14)

If you get better results, please share your setups...